Here’s the scoop on how to partner with us for your dream vacation.

Why Work with Travel Advisors
Why work with us when the internet is making it so easy to plan your trip? We love Google but some things just take a personal touch. Here are some ways we deliver just that.

  • We travel to many of the destinations we sell.
    We can tell you the ins and outs of renting a car in northern Patagonia or why you might prefer Thailand’s old capital of Ayutthaya if you want to escape the Bangkok crowds.
  • We have incredible partners.
    We have relationships with hotel, tour company, and destination partners from around the world. We spend time face-to-face with them, traveling with them, and learning their strengths. That helps us match you with suppliers who are going to deliver on your travel priorities.
  • We do the leg work.
    Feel free to spend time searching the web for your inspiration or leave that to us. Whether you send us exactly what you want or start with a general idea, we can work with you to narrow the focus and then mind the details to make it happen.

How Do I Work with Travel Advisors?
We appreciate your choice to let us help with your travel planning. Once we all agree it’s a good fit, here’s what you can expect:

  • We ask clients to pay a $100 planning fee for package trips. This fee honors our time on the front end researching, getting to know your needs, and working with suppliers to pull together an itinerary that reflects your dream vacation. Other fees may apply if booking only one trip component (air, hotel, car, etc) or for group travel.
  • You will sign a service agreement that will keep us on the same page about what to expect and who is responsible for what in this journey. In short, you promise to give us the information we need and keep your passports up-to-date and we promise to deliver a top-notch experience.
  • We collaborate with you to understand your priorities – what are you looking for, what’s your travel style, what has been great about previous vacations (or not)? We get to know you so that we can personalize your travel plans.
  • We ‘hit the books’ to curate the travel experience you envision – and beyond. We work with our friends around the world to piece together your perfect vacation.
  • We provide a proposal that reflects what you’ve asked us to include.
  • We work together to refine the proposal – how can we revise it to perfect it?
  • You pay for the trip and we confirm everything. Nothing is final and no space is held until a payment is made.
  • Sit back and enjoy your dream vacation.